Ayaviri Mission Trip

October 18-26, 2013


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October 18-26, 2013


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October 18: Depart US

October 19: Arrive Cusco

October 20: Day trip to Pisac [ more information ]

October 21: Depart for Ayaviri, arrive, set up clinic

October 22: Medical Mission

October 23: Medical Mission

October 24: Medical Mission

October 25: Medical Mission

October 26: Depart for US


Mission Cost: $850
This includes: All hotel accommodations, ground transportation, day trip to Pisac, team dinner, 2 t-shirts, all meals in Ayaviri, and participant contribution for medications and supplies. This does NOT include airfare. Current roundtrip air from major cities in the US to Cusco is approximately $1500.


Contact: Katy Brant

Mission Coordinator

(303) 476-1358





Introduction: We are a Catholic organization that recruits groups of doctors, nurses and volunteers to plan yearly medical mission trips to Lima, Peru. We gather volunteers from the USA (centers in Miami and Denver), Peru (center in Lima) and other countries (center in Toronto, Canada), and welcome people from different faiths.


Goals: Our primary goal is to provide basic medical care to the poor people of Ayaviri, Puno, Peru.  Over 50% of the population in this region fall under the category of extreme poverty.  Many do not have the basic necessities of adequate food, clean water, housing, electricity, education and access to health care . Most of them are women and children. In Ayaviri we work with local volunteers from Caritas, which is the Catholic Charity office of Bishop Kay Schmalhausen, SCV who has invited us to his prelature and with whom we coordinate and organize these missions.


Next Trip: We are now planning our 4th Medical Mission trip to Ayaviri. Last year, our mission helped over 1400 people by providing medical care to the Ayaviri community and rural villages and their families. We know many of you have experienced previous medical mission trips and we hope you will be inspired to help us build the next mission that will take place October 2013.


We have had such an overwhelming interest in our medical missions to Peru that sometimes we have to place some late coming volunteers on a waiting list. All who have attended the Peru Medical Missions in the past will be given priority as well as anyone that has specific technical and/or logistical skills helpful to the execution of our mission. We are always in need of Doctors (Internal Medicine, Family Practice, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Surgery, Dental, etc.) ARNP’s, PA’s, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Nurses and Spanish and Quechua speaking translators. However, everyone is welcome, even if you do not have any medical background. Just register as soon as possible.


Meetings: In an effort to ensure the smoothest possible execution of all the mission tasks, we will be holding 3 meetings before October 2013 in Miami, Denver and Toronto before departure.  For those living outside this hubs, we hope to offer Skype or conference calls to include all that can join in through those mediums.


Air Travel:   All volunteers are asked to arrive to Cusco by Saturday afternoon, October 19th, 2013.  Air travel can be made independently or through our Denver travel agent.  The mission cost does not include air and many people may choose to arrive or depart a few days on either side of the trip for extended travel in the area. 


Machu Pichu is a great archeological wonder and many enjoy it's beauty and adventure.  We have a Cusco based travel agent who is great and will be happy to assist in arranging your Machu Pichu or any other excursions that may base out of Cusco.  In these cases, we will NOT be able to make any special arrangements for transportation, lodging or luggage storage for anyone who travels outside the group itinerary. You will be responsible for your own transportation and lodging for dates and times outside the group itinerary.


You are free to arrange all of your travel independently. however we strongly recommend our Ayaviri 2013 Travel agent. We are working with Oscar Mendez of MDZ Travel Services: 303-521-3629, mdz2000@msn.com


Our travel agent in Peru is Percy Salazar of Kay Pacha Tours, who will be happy to assist you on any land-based excursions prior to or after our planned days. You can reach Percy at: pasekab@hotmail.com


We ask all participants to plan their travel to be in Cusco by 3:00 p.m. on Saturday October 19, 2013. We will be having a team dinner with the group that night.


About Ayaviri, Peru:  The elevation of Ayaviri is about 13,000 feet.  It is a very barren valley at very high altitude.  Because of the altitude it is very important that our volunteers adhere to our recommendations for ascent to very high altitude.  It is also because of this altitude change that we have the days in Cusco to acclimatize.  Cusco is at about 11,000 feet.  We review this in detail with our registered volunteers.  It is imperative that all volunteers for the Ayaviri Mission are in good health.


Peru is a relatively safe country and Cusco and Ayaviri are relatively safe cities; however, we cannot completely guarantee for your safety; especially if someone does things outside the itinerary or leaves the group. For these same reasons we do not allow minors unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. We will provide security for the group at all times. However, you will be responsible for your own safety if you choose to arrive earlier or stay beyond the set mission dates.


Housing & Meals: We will be staying in a nice 3 star hotel in Cusco and in a very simple, almost 1 star hotel in Ayaviri.  The cost per person will be $850 for the 8 days/7 nights of the mission, which includes local transportation, lodging, one team dinner in Cusco, day trip to Pisac, meals in Ayaviri, 2 T-shirts (required to identify you during the whole trip) and a $150 fee to buy medications and supplies for the mission.   Other restaurant meals are not covered.


Donations: We accept donations to purchase medications in Peru. In previous years we were blessed with thousands of pounds of medicines we received from direct donations or we bought thanks to cash donations. All donations in the US are tax deductible (CLM Inc is a 501c3 institution). You could also have friends, family and your workplace sponsor your trip with specific donations in your name.  We do this through personal check or through our online donations by credit card through PayPal.


We look forward to having you join in our mission!


Katy Brant                                                       Luis Raez, MD
Ayaviri 2013 Mission Coordinator                Medical Director
Dede and Ken Chism
Ayaviri Mission General Coordinators

Past Missions: [ 2011 ] [ 2012 ] [ 2013 ] [ 2014 ] [ 2015 ] [ 2016 ]  [ 2017 ]




Ken Chism in las Mission Trip to Peru
Dede Chism in last Mission Trip to Peru




Katy Brant (Coordinator)

Kelly Veitch (Administrator)

Luis Raez, MD (Medical Director)




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Please, go to Registration & Liability Form to complete the application process. We ask for a $400 deposit with your application.


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