Recent Mission Trips

12 to 17 of March, 2009



19 to 24 of March, 2010



Our 5th and 6th Medical Mission Trips to Peru were in March 2010 and March, 2011. Our missions helped thousands of people by providing medical care to their community and their families.


We Had an overwhelming interest in our upcoming mission to Peru and we had to place all “non-medical” volunteers on a waiting list. All who had attended the Peru Medical Mission in the past were given priority as well as anyone that had specific technical and/or logistical skills helpful to the execution of our mission. We had in our group Doctors (IM, GP/FP, GYN, Pediatrics, Dermatologists, Podiatrists, Surgeons, Dentists, etc.) ARNP’s, PA’s, Pharmacists, Paramedics, Nurses and Medical Students.


The main groups departed from Miami at approximately 5pm and arrived to Lima at approximately 10pm. The Miami-Lima-Miami fare was $508.32 (the lowest we have ever had).


In the past, we have accommodated different travel schedules (airlines, dates, times etc.). This has created huge logistical challenges with the pick up’s and drop off’s, conflicts with customs and the clearance of baggage, loss of donations, etc. This year we are requiring that everyone that attends the mission must fly in and out on the same flights.  


We stayed in a retreat house in Lima and were able to accommodate more people and had more comfortable rooms. The cost per person for transportation, lodging, meals and the city tour (on the last day) was $350. Restaurant meals were not covered.


We usually have 3 pre-travel meetings several months before the trips both in Miami, FL and in Denver, CO. In addition, there is a final meeting approximately 2 weeks prior to our departure date. The purpose of the meetings are: mission introduction, logistics, Q&A, donation collections, fund raising efforts, packing and inventory.


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