Sloan (High School Senior)

When I put on the blue collared shirt, I joined highly skilled doctors and volunteers in a common mission to care for people in need. I think of the wordless connection between a volunteer who did not speak Spanish caring for elderly Peruvians as they walked from the seating area to triage. There was a true sense of God's love that passed between them. Everyone has something to bring and give over to the mission. It was a life changing opportunity to practice my Christian faith and open myself to receive the gifts others bestow upon me throughout those experiences in Peru. Those special days spent volunteering changed and inspired me. I want to return and share the blessing I received".


Adrienne (RN)

I have been on two medical missions to Peru. It has to date been one of the best experiences in my life. It is great to be able to give back to those individuals who are truly in need. It is a great experience that I will not only do again but strongly urge anyone who may consider volunteering. One the first mission I went to in October 2006 there is a quote I read that encompasses this experience: lo que escucho lo olvido, lo que veo lo recuerdo, pero lo que hago lo entiendo (what I hear I forget it, what I see I remember, but what I do I understand it).



Joining the mission in 2007 was an incredible experience for me. I was surrounded by a group of extraordinary missionaries and we were united by our drive to help the people of Peru. Prior to the trip, I was concerned that I would not be able to support the team since I was not a health care professional and I was not fluent in Spanish. There was more than enough work for me to do and every day I had a tremendous feeling of fulfillment in doing Christís work in Lima. I was totally uplifted by the experience of supporting the beautiful families who came from miles just to get the support of our mission team. By the end of the week, I truly believe that the Holy Spirit was working through me because my Spanish fluency improved tremendously and my energy seemed limitless. This year, I took more of an active role as the mission coordinator and I canít wait to return to do our mission once again. Joining this mission has been one of the most important decisions of my life. The smiles of gratitude that I received in Lima from our patients are wonderful gifts that my memories will hold forever. 


Nydia (RN)

It was a humbling and rewarding experience serving in the first Peru Medical Mission last October 2006. Although the poor people we saw lacked so many resources, especially medical care, they did not lack faith, gratitude, and in many cases, real joy. I am looking forward to participating in upcoming missions with old and new friends and in reuniting with the kind people I met in Peru.


 Heather Patricia (RN)

This was my first year participating in a medical mission trip to Peru, and it certainly wonít be my last. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to be a part of a team of such compassionate individuals from the USA, Canada and Peru, and work in partnership with the local Peruvian community to provide free medical care to thousands of Peruvians who donít have access to health services. It was truly an experience of a lifetime to serve in this capacity as a Registered Nurse. Cannot wait for next year!" 



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